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Currently a graphic designer student living in Switzerland. This is my artblog with some wip's, personal stuff and sometimes reblogs. Enjoy !
When I opened my window this morning I had the chance to see that beautiful sky. A few minutes later the colors weren’t so bright and vibrant anymore. But fortunately I got the time to take a photo. :D

Alwyn pic * w *

Il est sublime ! <3 
Art’n Craft style. Work for school. x)
misore-seppen Merci pour ton soutient… <3
Some doodles I’ve done in my sketchbook. 02.09.14
The second one was done in about 5-10 minutes. That’s why it’s so messy ^^’

Comme suggéré par miss funeral-hymn, je fais donc mon propre post.  :D

♥ Règles :

Mon type de personnalité est ISFJ. 

♥ Les personnages à qui je ressemble :

funeral-hymn: En effet ! <3 J’ai été surprise pour certains persos.. xD


My facebook page ! :)

Victorian beauty by MoonDeL

I finally finished it&#160;! x)

Ok, so I was tagged by funeral-hymn. And here we go. (I got caught in the gif thing.. xD)

Once you get caught up in this madness you have to say five things that you like about yourself, publicly, then tag ten of your favourite followers (non-negotiable).

1. All my true friends will say the same : I am a very trustworthy person and you can count on me if you have problems. I like to help others and making my friends happy (with gifts sometimes.) When your friend wasn’t expecting anything and you give her/him his/her favourite cake, book… You then see a big smile on her/his face, and that is a precious thing for me. (Cindy, Nani ,if you are reading those lines I am thinking of you two).

2. I can figure out people I just met very quickly. One of my favourite quotation : ” better be alone than in bad company”.


3. My long hair. My dad was always driving me crazy because when I was a kid he wanted me to have them short. I once showed a photo of me to some friends and they all thought it was my little brother. 

4. My weird imagination for torture methods and devices perhaps ? It can be very fun for me if you get on my nerves.


Just don’t mess with me. Never.




Craziness…yes. Don’t ask how.

Well, I will tag freakinfrenchartist linelana and marufu. x)

marufu Un jour oui, peut être qu’on réussira a se voir ! Ça serait trop bieeeeen ! *v*

funeral-hymn C’est noté ! huhu xD