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Currently a graphic designer student living in Switzerland. This is my artblog with some wip's, personal stuff and sometimes reblogs. Enjoy !

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Black an White by MoonDeL
funeral-hymn : Merci infiniment pour ton commentaire ! <3 <3
When I opened my window this morning I had the chance to see that beautiful sky. A few minutes later the colors weren’t so bright and vibrant anymore. But fortunately I got the time to take a photo. :D

Alwyn pic * w *

Il est sublime ! <3 
Art’n Craft style. Work for school. x)
misore-seppen Merci pour ton soutient… <3
Some doodles I’ve done in my sketchbook. 02.09.14
The second one was done in about 5-10 minutes. That’s why it’s so messy ^^’

Comme suggéré par miss funeral-hymn, je fais donc mon propre post.  :D

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Mon type de personnalité est ISFJ. 

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funeral-hymn: En effet ! <3 J’ai été surprise pour certains persos.. xD


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Victorian beauty by MoonDeL

I finally finished it&#160;! x)